Specialised Casting Processes for various applications

Casting Processes

Steel Casting

We provide superlative Stainless Steel Castings that are precisely manufactured for anti-corrosive application. These precise castings are widely used in various industries likely, Pump, Valve, Chemical, Agro chemical, Petro-chemical & other industries. steel castings are typically used in the manufacturing of parts that must endure shocks, wear, or heavy loads. Stainless steel castings are designed to resist atmospheric corrosion, the attach of hot or cold acids, and scaling at elevated temperatures.

The basis concept of Stainless Steel castings is for Anti-corrosive, Anti-errosions, Heat resistance & are manufactured as per National as well as International Specification. The known grades are SS 304 [CF8] SS 316 [CF8M] SS 316L [CF3M] Alloy-20 [CN7M] SS 309 [CH-20] SS 310 [HK-40] etc.

SG Ductile Iron Casting

Ductile Iron also know as SG IRON (SPHERIODICAL GRAPHITE DUCTILE IRON) Ductile iron is created by an alloying process which converts the crack-promoting graphite flakes of gray iron into nodules. With this Micro structural transformation, the metal acquires superior ductility, elongation characteristics, and machinability. The ductile iron family offers the design engineer a unique combination of strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and toughness, as well as excellent ductility characteristics. In all its grades, ductile iron exhibits mechanical properties that make it an ideal alloy for investment casting.

Grey Iron Casting

Grey Cast iron, also known as flake graphite cast iron, is a type of type of cast iron in which most of the carbon is present as flake graphite corresponding to Form I of IS 7754. The properties of Grey Cast Iron depend on the distribution, size and amount of graphite flakes, and the matrix structure. These factors are in turn, influenced mainly by the manufacturing conditions, chemical composition, solidification time and rate of cooling in the mould. Grey cast iron exhibit low to moderate strength, low modulus of elasticity, low notch sensitivity, high thermal conductivity, moderate resistance of thermal stock, and outstanding cast ability.

Gravity/Permanent Mold Casting

If you want to go for mass production and that also for fully mechanized casting, then Gravity Die Casting is a good casting process. For producing smooth and textured, well defined, accurately dimensioned metal parts, this method is also very good process. Our die casting, aluminium gravity die casting and aluminium die casting services are of excellent quality. We have a vast pool of knowledge to make gravity die casting, aluminium gravity die casting and aluminium die casting. Our knowledge in this regard is as per the international standards and we adopt new innovative knowledge from time to time. We are the manufacturer and supplier of aluminum gravity die casting.

Pressure Die Casting

MCF is engaged in manufacture of high quality Aluminum , Bronze & Zinc Die Cast components in complex shapes & design. Die Casting is a Fast , Cost –effective manufacturing process for production of high volume , net-shaped , tight tolerance metal components.

Centrifugal Castings

Centrifugal casting is produced by forcing molten metal to solidify in rotating moulds. The speed of the rotation and metal pouring rate vary with the alloy and size and shape being cast.

Centrifugal casting has greater reliability than static castings. They are relatively free from gas and shrinkage porosity. Many times, surface treatments such as case carburizing, flame hardening and nitriding have to be used when a wear resistant surface must be combined with a hard tough exterior surface. Conventional static casting defects like internal shrinkage, gas porosity and nonmetallic inclusions are less likely to occur in centrifugal casting.