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About MCF

Microtech Cast Forge, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of precision machined components from Investment Casting, Sand Castings and Forging process in variety of metals and high performance alloys - Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Bronze material.

Our commitment to quality and service began when we started manufacturing & exporting auto parts over a decade ago. Microtech Cast Forge has consistently grown over the years by remaining true to our founding principals of designing and producing high quality precision investment casting components & auto parts.

As an industry leader in combining performance technologies with time-honored investment casting techniques, our products and services reflect our dedication to excellence. Our products are shaped with precision and backed by a dedicated, full service company. Microtech Cast Forge products are globally recognized for fine finishing, high accuracy, and perfect designs. The wide variety of casting solutions that comes with high quality manufacturing and the distinctive expertise make our company the preferred choice of OEMs and companies across the world.

Situated in western part of India and backed up with all in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for

  • Investment casting from product range 10 grams to 120 Kgs single piece with all superior alloys material and production capabilities of 35 tons per month.
  • Sand casting from product range of 50 grams to 3000 kg single piece as Steel Casting, SG Ductile Iron Casting, Grey Iron Cast with Shell Mould, No Bake and centrifugal process of 1200 tons per month.
  • Forgings from product range of 50 grams upto 35 Kg single piece heavy forgings of Impression die, Hammer, Upset Die, Cold and Screw Press, Seamless Ring Rolled Forging Process of 700 tons per month.

Delivering products and solutions to our OEM, US and European customers serving industries like Oil & Gas, Industrial Valves, Pumps & Air Compressors, Automotive & Locomotive, Earthmoving Equipment, Medical Implants, Structural Hardware, Fire Fighting Equipment, Defense & Marine, Textile Machinery, Chemical Equipment & Controls, General Engineering and Automation.

With company experience of 22 years towards engineering field, we are backed up with 120 Employees supporting as a great team of Engineers, Metallurgists, Skilled Machinist, Quality Control Inspectors and Management Staff.

Microtech Cast Forge is equipped with state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities of CNC - VMC machineries with Milling, Shaping, Thread Rolling, External - Internal Broaching, Gear Cutting & Profile Shaving, CNC Centre Less & Profile Grinders, Cylindrical & Flat Grinding, Boring - Lapping Process & EMD Drilling Process making our clients satisfied with all complex multifaceted machining requirements.

Signature of Excellence
Microtech Cast Forge continuously strives to find ways to provide higher value to our customers in the international marketplace. This is done by innovative solutions and proven expertise in investment casting components manufacturing and providing independent and unbiased services by maintaining a broad portfolio of skills including high-end product designing & development and casting services. From the designing to the manufacturing, we are one company serving the diverse needs of the casting marketplace. With a focus on solutions rather than advice Microtech Cast Forge is an innovative and independent company that is committed to the success of its customers.
Experience & Professionalism
We deliver value to our customers by leveraging the vast experience of our investment casting industry experts, rooted in Microtech Cast Forge’s more than 6 years of unrelenting integrity and professionalism. This results in reliability, quality, and consistency for each assignment undertaken. Our experienced professionals project confidence and competence, and we take pride in having many of the most respected experts in the investment casting industry here.
Technical Excellence & Innovation
Our professionals take pride in being pioneers in the investment casting industry. Curious to discover, Microtech Cast Forge people have a driven passion for wanting to know, bringing this passion to client engagements. This has resulted in technical excellence and a wide array of unique methodologies, tools, and facilities. We offer a dynamic and challenging working environment for our employees and motivate the continuous development of our employees’ technical competencies necessary for producing high end precision investment casting products and servicing their customers.